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Dr. Garry Friesen's Friesen Fortnightly Now a Blog


Dr. Garry Friesen, professor at Multnomah Bible College and author of the book Decision Making and the Will of God, is making his debut as a blogger. His already popular email newsletter, the Friesen Fortnightly, which is currently emailed to over 1500 subscribers, has been modified into a blog featured on Multnomah's website.

"This is an exciting change," said Dr. Friesen. "It's an opportunity to generate some discussion about my entries, while making it available to a larger audience. It also makes it very easy for new subscribers to receive the Friesen Fortnightly."

A blog, short for web log, is an online forum to post entries in the same way a person would write entries in a journal or diary where others can post comments. For those who were already subscribed to the newsletter, the change is virtually invisible. With the exception of an extra tag at the end of the email, providing a link to the blog for commenting, the email newsletter is unchanged. "I wanted to make sure that none of my current subscribers were left out," said Dr. Friesen. "I'm excited at the prospect of more people signing up, but I want to be sure that my longtime subscribers are still included."

"It really wasn't that hard to adapt into a blog," said Davin Studer, web administrator at Multnomah. "The Friesen Fortnightly was already blog material. We just found a way to make it so people could comment on his bi-weekly postings in a public forum." With the new format, the Friesen Fortnightly is now available by email, blog, and RSS.

Multnomah's prospective students will also benefit from Dr. Friesen's blog. "The Friesen Fortnightly provides a unique look at the life of a faculty member outside the classroom," said Tim Uthmann, director of the Recruitment Department. "Who knows? If the idea picks up, perhaps there will be more Multnomah faculty with blogs in the future."

If you would like to subscribe to the blog through email or RSS , or comment on the latest posting, visit the Friesen Fortnightly webpage.