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New Multnomah Mascot Wins Lion Share of Votes


Multnomah Bible College has officially chosen the Lions as its new athletics mascot. In celebration of the school's 70th anniversary, students, alumni, faculty, and staff voted on three different options. When the voting ended on April 23, the Lions came out ahead of Fire and Mountain Cats as the top choice.

"Coach Bickley and I are excited about the new direction of the program," says Athletic Director Lois Vos . "We hope to cultivate greater team spirit and support of Multnomah's athletes, while fostering a greater sense of community and unity in the student body and amongst alumni as the Multnomah Lions."

The new Lions mascot will also provide a sense of recognition for the image of Multnomah's teams. As part of the campaign for the Lions, the athletic teams will have a new logo to wear on uniforms and for letterhead and signage. Additionally, beginning next year, there will be a lion mascot present at the games. This role will be filled by a student who will wear a lion costume.

The campaign for a new mascot began with research conducted by the athletic department and a contest for all Multnomah students, alumni, faculty, and staff. After several months of contest submissions ending on March 15th, an athletic committee and the Academic Dean's Council judged the results. The top three submissions were presented to all of the Multnomah community for a vote from March 23 to April 23.

"As our sports programs continue to play key roles in the leadership and spiritual development of our athletes and student supporters," Vos adds, "we believe that the adoption of a mascot will prove a valuable encouragement to all."

Multnomah will retain the institutional metaphor "Ambassadors," along with all of its history and biblical application for those associated with Multnomah. Programs such as the Ambassador Yearbook and the Ambassador Choir will still retain the Ambassador title.

If you would like more information on the new mascot, contact the athletics department at 503.251.5395 or . Alumni are encouraged to contact the alumni department at 503.251.6460 or .