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Multnomah to Introduce TESOL Program Fall 2006


Multnomah Bible College will introduce a new program in the Fall of 2006: TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Approved by NWCCU (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities) and ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education), TESOL marks the beginning of an expansion of program offerings at the College and the Seminary.

Contrasting shorter certification programs, Multnomah's TESOL program provides thorough preparation in the theoretical and practical aspects of English language teaching. "Students will be ready to teach in a wide variety of situations both in the United States and abroad," says Kristen Hubert, chair of the TESOL program. "I believe professional competence is an essential part of engaging people for Christ in these various settings."

"With the rapid growth of English as a worldwide language, English language educators have unprecedented opportunities for service in intercultural settings," says Hubert. "Those interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages should consider Multnomah's new Intercultural Studies Track and Certificate Program."

The 18-hour TESOL program can be added to any major at Multnomah Bible College. It has been designed to prepare students to teach English in cross cultural settings and in other countries, teach ESL in the US, design language programs in countries where English has growing demand, and pursue graduate studies in TESOL or applied linguistics. The new program is also anticipated to increase employment prospects in Oregon and other states where ESL needs have grown.

According to Hubert, TESOL prepares students for a profession that is in demand around the world. "English has become the most widely used language in the world today, particularly in the areas of science, commerce and education. Students in numerous countries are required to learn English or choose to learn English in order to pursue careers and academic degrees requiring proficiency in English. In the US, refugees and immigrants desire English to provide for and establish themselves in their new homeland. There is considerable demand for qualified English teachers both here and abroad."

On an institutional level, this program gives Multnomah another way to fulfill its mission "to produce, through collegiate education, biblically competent, culturally aware, maturing servants of Jesus Christ whose love for God, His Word, and people shapes their lives into a transforming force in the church and world." It also allows students another way to apply what they've learned in their bible and theology classes to numerous work settings.

For more information concerning the TESOL program contact Kristen Hubert at or 503.445.5185