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Much Anticipated Psychology Minor to Launch in Fall 2006


Multnomah Bible College is looking forward to launching the new psychology minor during the fall 2006 semester. The psychology minor is one of a handful of programs being introduced in the fall of 2006, including TESOL and Recreational Leadership.

"MBC is best known for its strong emphasis on the Bible with all students taking a significant number of Bible and theology credits," said Professor David Jongeward , associate academic dean of the college. "Therefore students deciding to minor in psychology will have a significantly stronger biblical integrative base than at most every other college in the nation. If one wants psychology from a biblical theological perspective, Multnomah now offers it better than any other Christian college."

The psychology minor will focus on the central themes of foundational psychological theory, psychological research, personal and human development, and an overview of various methods including a biblical approach to psychology and counseling. According to Jongeward, "a minor in psychology, especially after advanced study, can lead to careers in teaching, counseling, therapy, public service, social work, and Christian ministry." With the collegiate-level psychology minor, students taking the program will be able to get the training needed for a graduate level counseling program.

Jongeward said that with the popularity of psychology and counseling among today's students, MBC offering this program integrated with its strong biblical curriculum could lead to the institution being "one of the distinguished leaders in a truly biblical approach to counseling."

For more information concerning the psychology minor, contact David Jongeward at or 800.275.4672.