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Educational Ministries Inaugurates a Concentration in Recreational Leadership


The Educational Ministries major at Multnomah Bible College now features a brand new concentration - Recreational Leadership. This eight credit program has a large range of topics to study including Principles of Coaching and Training, Dynamics of Leadership, Managing Church Ministries, Wilderness Expedition, and Advanced Experiential Learning. This program joins three existing concentrations - Ministry Leadership, Family Ministry and Women's Ministry.

"Our vision is to equip students to bring the presence and instruction of Christ to people using the means of outdoor, adventure-based activities and the venue of athletic competition," said Professor Bonnie Kopp, the Educational Ministries' department head.

Part of the Recreational Leadership concentration is to develop students' knowledge and skills in coaching within a recreational setting. It will also equip them with leadership skills through personal experiences, corresponding with the core of educational ministries. The educational ministries major focuses on developing leaders who understand people and have the ability to design ministry. This program is specially designed to make each student an effective minister. The Recreational Leadership concentration will provide a greater context of educational theory, psychology, leadership, and theology into the Educational Ministries program.

Since Multnomah Bible College is located in the outdoorsy Northwest, many who live in this region enjoy adventure-based activities for recreation. "We recognize that the medium of recreation provides limitless opportunities for ministry," said Professor Kopp. "Many of the dynamics of outdoor adventure and physical challenge provoke the kinds of reflection that can be utilized to help people engage with Christ." Since the focus of the degree of Educational Ministries is to prepare students for effective ministry, the recreational leadership program would further enhance students' ability to do so in an adventurous context. According to Kopp, part of the program will be offered off-campus in order to take advantage of the rich environment of the Northwest.

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