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Multnomah Biblical Seminary Professor Publishes New Book on Grief and Hope


Dr. John Luke Terveen, professor at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, celebrates the August release of his new book Hope for the Brokenhearted with a book-signing on Tuesday, September 26, 2006. Stemming from his own personal experience, this book originates from Dr. Terveen's battle with the grief and loss of his 14-year-old daughter, Rachel Terveen's, death.

After digging through over 200 books on the subject of grief and loss, he realized that his only source of encouragement, hope, comfort, and wise counsel came from the Bible. His book delves deeper into biblical passages, allowing readers to gain better understanding of them, thus gleaning from these passages the comfort and encouragement that they seek during times of grief and loss. Through his book, readers would be able to embrace Scripture through a good selection of passages pertaining to individuals who are grieving over their losses.

"The Bible is the primary resource, not the secondary," Dr. Terveen said. "My goal in writing this book is to help people find the one voice-the Holy Spirit-that you don't really hear in the midst of grief."

Dr. Terveen addresses topics such as resurrection, the second coming, heaven, the resurrection body, doubt, anger, guilt, and dashed dreams, to touch the hearts of people who are working through tough times. At the end of each chapter, he integrates a prayer using the Scripture passage he addresses. "Hope for the Brokenhearted is honest. It comes from the heart, where at times pain and faith and doubt have slugged it out inside the author," wrote Randy Alcorn, the author of Heaven, in the foreword. "This book isn't full of easy answers-which is good, since there are none. But it is full of hope and Christ-centered perspective."

"[This book is] emotional. It's theological. It's careful. And it's real-because grief is real," said Stu Weber, the author of Tender Warrior and pastor of Good Shepherd Community Church. "John Terveen takes us through his personal journey from a seminary professor who teaches biblical language to a dad who understands the language of the Father's heart. Here is the strengthening comfort God intended from his Word."

Rachel Terveen died during track practice in April 1999 due to a heart abnormality. "The most remarkable thing about her was that she was a pure, clean spirit who was kind to everyone, and everyone loved her because of that. I can't believe how many kids said she was everybody's best friend. She was that way because she had given her life to faith and Jesus Christ," Dr. Terveen stated in an April, 1999 issue of The Oregonian. "God really worked in her life and planted a seed of goodness and kindness and love that grew in her like it grows in few others. She committed her life to God at a young age, and it made a difference in the way she lived and in the people around her."

The September 26th book signing will take place on Multnomah's campus in Travis-Lovitt Hall from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. For more information, contact Kristin Kendall at 503.251.6452 or at