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"Living Plus Hope": Addressing the Complexities Surrounding HIV/AIDS

Multnomah Biblical Seminary's New Wine, New Wineskins will host its autumn conference on HIV/AIDS titled, "Living Plus Hope."  The conference will address the complexities surrounding HIV/AIDS and what people can do to help those suffering from the virus.

The conference will feature REACH Ministries, an organization that focuses on children infected with HIV/AIDS and their families.  "I want to promote REACH's fine work and see people partner with them," said Dr. Paul Louis Metzger, Director of New Wine, New Wineskins.

Dr. Tony Campolo, Honorary Chair of REACH Ministries, will speak on Friday evening.  The Saturday session will include testimonies, presentations by Todd Korthuis, M.D. (Director of the HIV program at Oregon Health and Science University) and Dr. Metzger, workshops, and a moderated discussion titled "Where do We Go From Here?"

"Jesus was and is theologically conservative and compassionately liberal," Dr. Metzger said.  "U2's Bono calls AIDS the modern day leprosy.  God's Son came down to earth to transform hearts and heal lives.  We must seek to be his hands and feet today.  We must reach out to those with modern day leprosy-those so often despised, misunderstood, and abandoned by the church and broader society.  We must follow Jesus."  Dr. Metzger's prayer is that through this conference, people will be convicted to help the millions who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and be compassionate towards them.

The conference will be held on October 27 - 28 at Multnomah Bible College and Seminary, in the Joseph C. Aldrich Student Center.  Tickets for general admission costs are $5 for the Friday session, $10 for the Saturday session, and a special 2-day rate of $13.  Student admission costs are $3 for the Friday session, $3 for the Saturday session, and $5 for both sessions.

For more information, contact Mrs. Kindra J. Hakala at 503.251.6767 or