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A Celebration of Life in Remembrance of Nurse Ellen L. Swope


On Sept. 20, 2006 Multnomah's school nurse, Ellen L. Swope, died from a brain aneurysm. Affectionately known as Nurse Ellen, she had faithfully served the Lord at Multnomah for four years.

"Ellen had a supernatural gift of loving people," said Harriet Congdon, Nurse Ellen's friend of 30 years. According to her, Nurse Ellen had spent the whole summer ferrying her around due to her broken foot.

One of Congdon's sons had also mentioned to her before that he never remembered seeing Nurse Ellen grumpy or angry. "She demonstrated and displayed the life of God in her," Congdon said. "She has the gift of mercy and compassion."

In remembrance of Nurse Ellen's joyful nature, a "Celebration of Life" service reflecting and honoring the memories of her will be held on Friday, Sept. 29, in Central Bible Church at 3 p.m. The Multnomah community is invited to attend the event, and all employees are allowed to attend on company time.