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Long Awaited English Minor Commences at Multnomah


Beginning in fall 2007, Multnomah Bible College will introduce a highly anticipated English minor, allowing the institution to add six new courses to Multnomah's curriculum during a two-year period. The courses are World Literature Survey I and II, Literary Theory/Criticism, an introduction to drama, Genre Seminar, and Major Figure.

 The English minor will consist of 24 credit hours of classes, allowing students to choose electives within the curricular framework.  According to Dr. Doug Schaak, the associate professor of English, this minor will appeal to those students who are interested in interpretation or textual meaning. It will also appeal to those who simply want to broaden their exposure to great works of literature, become better critical thinkers and writers, or just enjoy a satisfying experience with literary art. 

"We have found that our students respond very well to literature when it is approached with seriousness and respect, as well as an attitude that allows for and encourages fun," Dr. Schaak said. "Literary studies are enlightening and engaging, changing students-and instructors-in noticeable and meaningful ways."

Multnomah alumna, Kelly Bryant, said she remembered Dr. Schaak saying one of the strengths of literature is to teach readers how to live in someone's shoes. "Narrowed down, this is a large part of what collegiate education is all about," Bryant said.

Dr. Schaak also believes studying liberal arts challenges students to see textual study, including biblical study, in a fuller way. "When I was at Multnomah, I found that studying the Bible actually prepared me to study literature. A biblical and a liberal arts education really do go hand in hand," Bryant said.

The English professors will include Dr. Schaak and Professor Domani Pothen. "[Professor Pothen] challenges her students to engage in rhetoric and the craft of constructing arguments. She doesn't just want writers; she wants writers who can think," Bryant said.

"We are excited at the possibilities that this English minor represents," Dr. Schaak said. "We are looking forward to helping create a new kind of Multnomah student-one that is more aware, more engaged, and more curious."

For more information about the English minor, contact admissions at 800.275.4672 or