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Multnomah Hosts 67th Annual Missions Conference


Multnomah Bible College & Biblical Seminary's 67th annual Missions Conference, "Healing the Nations-God's Heart for the Hurting World," will be held February 19-23. The conference will include 30 workshops, over 50 mission representatives, and plenary sessions featuring keynote speakers Celestin Musekura and Anna Stager.

The workshops will be led by missionaries, pastors, and field specialists. Mission organization representatives will be available at their display booths to discuss mission opportunities with attendees.

The Rev. Musekura is an ordained Baptist minister born and raised in Rwanda. He is the president and founder of the African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM). Its mission is to train, equip, and develop Christian leaders to proclaim of the Good News of Jesus Christ, to promote Biblical Christianity, and to educate in biblical forgiveness and tribal reconciliation in Africa. ALARM operates in 8 countries in east and central Africa. The Rev. Musekura presently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and four children, finishing his doctoral studies while serving in the ALARM U.S. Liaison office in Dallas, Texas.

Anna Stager is a 2001 graduate of Multnomah Bible College. She partners with her husband Steve Stager in serving with Malachi Ministries-Cadence International's youth division. In 2002, Anna and Steve became the first Malachi Staff in Mannheim, Germany to live with the military families at the base. They spent the past four years serving as chapel youth directors to 70,000 middle and high school children in Mannheim whose military parents are stationed overseas. In 2006, the Stagers returned to the United States where Anna serves part-time for Cadence International's home office as a Malachi Ministries Mentor. In addition she has returned to two of her loves, teaching the Bible Study Methods class and co-leading the Credo organization at Multnomah Bible College. 

For more information on Multnomah's 2007 Mission Conference, contact Laurie Cardoza at 503.251.6426 or visit Multnomah's website for a link to the conference brochure.