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Multnomah Launches Online Education Program


Multnomah Biblical Seminary is pleased to announce the official launch of its new online education program, "Multnomah Connect." Initially Multnomah will offer two online classes during the fall 2007 semester including Theology 507 and Biblical Leadership.

Multnomah Connect is an online pilot program that will lead to a Graduate Certificate or MA(PS) when fully developed. This program is designed for college and university graduates wanting advanced Bible and ministry training for church leadership or full-time ministry.

Dr. Don Brake, the academic dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary is excited to see online education grow at Multnomah. "We expect to have many people from around the world to be able to get a sound education in Bible, theology, ministry training, and spiritual formation," Dr. Brake said. "Multnomah Connect is a means for students to continue their education even if they are unable to leave their ministry or place of residence."

Multnomah alum and Director of Distance Education Charles Schreiner was elemental in developing Connect. "The launch of Multnomah Connect isn't about the software although it is innovative. It isn't about careful planning, although it has been well planned. It isn't even about excellent faculty although we have some of the finest. It is about connecting students to their educational goals furthering the Kingdom of God worldwide," Schreiner said. "It is exciting and motivational to think about the men and women who would not be able to access this quality education without the power and convenience of the internet."

"Modern higher education focuses on in-depth learning through interactive dialog," Dr. Brake said. "Online learning is a delivery system designed just for this type of education." Multnomah hopes to use these new methods of learning to attain the goal of their mission statement: to educate, equip, and enrich Christians for leadership in their church, their community, and their world.

For more information about Multnomah Connect contact the Admissions Department at 800.275.4672 or