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Multnomah Begins Adult Degree Completion Program in Fall 2007


On June 7, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities approved Multnomah's proposal of a college Degree Completion Program. Multnomah's Degree Completion Program will commence in the fall of 2007.

The Degree Completion Program allows students to complete the degree they once started in just 23 months. This is made possible because the program offers an accelerated, nontraditional option for students desiring to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

"In degree completion the focus is on student-centered learning, and classes are scheduled at convenient times one night per week, which allows them to work or be engaged in ministry full-time, while being eligible for financial aid assistance," Larry McCullough, Multnomah's Adult Degree Completion Program coordinator said. Multnomah Bible College will conduct classes from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The program offers two majors: the Leadership and Ministry major is for those who are called to serve in local church ministry or who wish to play a more significant role in the local church; the Biblical Foundations major is for those wanting to effectively integrate biblical and theological truth with contemporary life and thought.

Courses are designed to improve student's Bible knowledge and communication, leadership, management, and ministry skills. As students entering the program will likely have professional employment experience, this course of study will help them apply this practical experience into formal education for their greatest benefit. Students will also be able to convert life experience and prior learning into credit.

In conjunction with this program, Multnomah Bible College has partnered with the Consortium of Online Christian Colleges to make online courses available to students in the program. Students may use online courses for general education requirements and electives rather than substitutions for courses in the core curriculum.

Multnomah's Degree Completion Program opens up a number of possibilities for people who have partially-completed degrees. Graduates from degree completion programs like Multnomah's have received promotions at work, gone on to graduate schools, and changed occupations or ministries.

Multnomah is recruiting students for two fall cohorts: a Monday night group that will begin in early October, and a Thursday evening group that will begin in mid-November.

For more information, contact Multnomah at 503.251.6413 or