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Luis Palau Honored as Multnomah Bible College Alumnus 2002


On September 11, before students and faculty, Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary honored world-renowned evangelist Luis Palau as 2002 Alumnus of the Year during its annual Spiritual Life Conference. Dr. Palau was recognized for exemplary Christian life and service, and was presented with a commemorative plaque by President Dr. Daniel Lockwood.

Dr. Palau graduated from Multnomah's Graduate Certificate program in May 1961. During the 1970s, Dr. Palau and his team conducted crusades and rallies throughout Latin America. Invitations also started coming from Europe and other parts of the world. By the early 1980s, his ministry had made a strong impact in Great Britain and new doors were opening all around the globe.

Since then, Argentine-born Dr. Palau has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout South America, as well as in Europe, Central and North America, Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific, packing out concert halls, arenas, stadiums, and public parks. More than 780,000 people have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Cities and nations have heard a clear-cut proclamation of the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now in his fourth decade of mass evangelism, evangelist Luis Palau has spoken to hundreds of millions of people in 104 nations through radio and television broadcasts, and live to more than 15 million people in 69 nations. He has had the privilege of speaking to numerous heads of state, members of the Royal Family, and other public officials in many countries. Dr. Palau's English and Spanish radio programs are heard each weekday on more than 1,550 stations throughout North and South America. In addition, tens of thousands have visited his popular Web site.

Luis Palau's Los Angeles Times-critically acclaimed book God Is Relevant, published by Doubleday in 1997, was the first new evangelistic book to be published by a major New York publisher in more than thirty-five years. Since then, Doubleday has released two more books by Dr. Palau: Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? and It's a God Thing: Pictures and Portraits of God's Grace.

Multnomah Bible College is pleased and honored to recognize alumnus Dr. Luis Palau as a faithful husband and father, a passionate advocate for evangelism, a fervent ambassador of Good News, and a respected representative of Multnomah.