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Multnomah University Introduces Initiatives to Care for Students


Multnomah University has responded to students' academic and holistic needs with new programs designed to support students during their time at school. These tutoring, counseling, and wellness programs have been in formation over the past two years.

The academic support center, under Dean of Student Services Matt Rygg, has hired five tutors to provide instruction on Bible/theology, math, and writing. Rygg supervises the program and Professor Domani Pothen devotes time outside of teaching to coach the five tutors. Rygg said he wants to expand the academic services to include study skills and test-taking seminars.

Multnomah Student Services has restructured its department to better provide counseling and medical care for students. Kerrin Houser, manager of the counseling center, is focusing on helping students develop spiritually. One of the events she has planned to accomplish this is a body image small group for women students.

Academic and Holistic Goals for Students

  • To challenge students academically and support them well
  • To increase student retention and graduation rates
  • To become more proactive in student growth and spiritual formation


"It was really a stewardship issue that we find a way to support students academically," Matt Rygg said. "The Academic Support Center has been created to support students as an institution."

"There's a great privilege that God has entrusted to us: to walk with people while they are preparing for ministry during one of the most formative times of their lives," Dean of Spiritual Formation and Wellness Karen Fancher said. "And we're really honored and excited to do so and we want to give them the support that we can."


For more information about the Student Health and Wellness programs, please contact Karen Fancher, Dean of Spiritual Formation and Wellness at 503.251.5312 or

For more information about the Academic Support Center, please contact Matt Rygg, Dean of Student Services at 503.251.5314 or