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Metzger's "Consuming Jesus" Recognized as Top-Ten Book in 2008 by CT's Leadership Journal


Dr. Paul Louis Metzger's latest book Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church has been selected by Christianity Today's Leadership Journal as one of the "Top Ten Books of 2008."

Though his book was released in 2007, it has steadily gained popularity and approval across the country due to the amount of traffic and discussion it has generated on blogs, radio shows, independent websites, and important speaking events and conferences around the country.

Turning Words Into Action

In support of the themes found in the book, Dr. Metzger and renowned civil rights leader Dr. John M. Perkins are the plenary speakers at a two-day event titled "Drum Majors for Love, Truth and Justice." The event is sponsored in part by Multnomah University and the Luis Palau Association this Nov. 20-21 at north Portland's Maranatha Church.

Dr. Metzger anticipates the release of another new book titled Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction, co-written with Dr. Brad Harper at Multnomah University. Due to be released in spring 2009, Exploring Ecclesiology combines biblical, historical, and cultural analysis to explore the church's various roles.


"Each year, Christianity Today, Inc., selects the 10 books every pastor and Christian leader in America should own and read," Dr. Metzger's literary agent David Sanford said. "That Dr. Metzger's book Consuming Jesus made that prestigious list for 2008 is a great honor and certainly a first for Multnomah Biblical Seminary."

"The excitement of this announcement was enhanced by the fact that, at the time, Dr. Metzger was speaking in Miami with Dr. John M. Perkins, renowned civil rights leader and community developer," Sanford said. "Their ‘Drum Majors for Love, Truth, and Justice' partnership is taking the biblical and theological principles of Consuming Jesus to audiences across America."


In addition to authoring multiple books, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger is the professor of Christian theology and theology of culture at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. He is also director of the Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins and editor of the journal Cultural Encounters.

More Info

Leadership Journal's blog Out of Ur features a short, one-question interview between blog contributor David Swanson and Dr. Metzger.

For more information about Dr. Metzger's book Consuming Jesus, his upcoming two-day event with Dr. Perkins in Portland, or Drs. Metzger and Harper's book Exploring Ecclesiology, please contact Kristin Kendall at 503.251.6452 or