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Multnomah University Men's Residence Hall Sustains Significant Water Damage


The South Aldrich Men's Residence Hall at Multnomah University is closed due to significant water damage sustained when a fire sprinkler valve located in the west wing of the second floor malfunctioned during the Christmas break on Saturday, December 27, 2008. It is unknown whether this malfunction is related in anyway to the unusually cold, snowy weather during this time.

Although the whole building is affected, the first floor sustained most of the damage where the water poured through the ceilings and pooled at ground-level. Aside from the damage to the actual building itself, water damage has occurred to the personal belongings of residents. Initial estimates indicate that the residence hall will be closed for a minimum of two months while crews work to clean and remodel the area.


  • Ways to stay informed are listed below.
  • Affected students will receive an email and phone call to inform them of the next steps to take.
  • Affected students will receive, upon their return to campus, a packet of information and checklists that will make the process easier to navigate.

Relocating Affected Residents

  • All students living in the South Aldrich Men's Dorm will be reassigned as quickly as possible to other living quarters on or near campus. This will be a temporary relocation until the work is completed on the affected dorm. The details of this reassignment will be posted as soon as they are known - and in time for Spring Semester to begin. All efforts will be made to maintain dorm sections and roommate proximity in the temporary housing.

Damage to Personal Belongings

  • All students will be allowed access to claim their belongings at anytime.
  • Multnomah is working to secure a laundry service to professionally clean any clothes affected. Furthermore, some laundry cards for residual needs will also be granted at no cost to the student.
  • Residents WILL be fully reimbursed for losses incurred due to this incident.
  • Multnomah's insurance provider will cover the costs of the cleanup and replacement of items that can be documented as damaged by this occurrence.
  • Multnomah will need cooperation from affected residents to accurately inventory, document, and assess damage to personal belongings so that proper insurance re-imbursement can be given.
  • Damaged property will need to remain on campus in a designated location for insurance purposes.
  • Multnomah will provide as many boxes and moving supplies as possible to facilitate the preservation of personal belongings not damaged in the flood.
  • Because of the urgent need to begin work for safety reasons, Multnomah staff and crews will begin to document, categorize, and move all remaining personal affects to a secured on-campus storage site where students can claim their belongings and begin any necessary re-imbursement processes. This will begin on Tuesday, December 30, at 8 a.m. Students are encouraged to still come and find out where their belongings are stored at if their room has already been cleared. Crews will begin with the first floor.


Ongoing Updates:

24-Hour Helpline:

  • 503.385.7612

Multnomah Cares
Multnomah, in keeping with her mission, is committed to caring for the needs of affected students during this inconvenient process. We pledge to care for the safe-keeping of students' personal belongings and to efficiently reimburse any losses incurred. We also pledge to keep students and their families informed with accurate information and ask that students have patience with us while we navigate this very complicated process. We are committed to doing everything possible to make this transition go well.