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President Emeritus Receives Christian Servant Award


Dr. Willard M. Aldrich, President Emeritus, received the Northwest Christian Community Foundation's Christian Servant Award at a banquet on Tuesday evening, March 19, 2002. Dr. Aldrich, one of the school's founders and president from 1943-1978, currently serves on the board of trustees. Nominated by Dr. Daniel Lockwood on behalf of Multnomah Bible College and Seminary, Dr. Aldrich was one of 42 nominees, 12 of whom received the Christian Servant Award. In honor of Dr. Aldrich's achievement, NCCF presented a $3,000 gift to Multnomah.

In the nominee profile of Dr. Aldrich, his longtime colleague and registrar, Ms. Joyce Kehoe, wrote, "Dr. Willard M. Aldrich assumed leadership during [Multnomah's] fragile beginnings. ... During his 35 years as president, enrollment grew to 804 in 1975, the highest until 2000. His personal efforts moved Multnomah into position as a degree-granting college, one of the earliest Bible colleges to attain that distinction."