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Dr. Koivisto's One Lord, One Faith, Second Edition Released with New Content


Dr. Rex Koivisto, professor and co-chairman of the Bible and Theology Division at Multnomah University, celebrates the second-edition release of his book, One Lord, One Faith: A Theology for Cross-Denominational Renewal. The book was released in January, 2009, through Wipf & Stock Publishers.

In One Lord, One Faith, Dr. Koivisto develops a broader view of the Church that crosses denominational lines. The book explores genuine Church unity around a core of shared doctrinal beliefs and how this doctrine binds all Christians together despite separation into distinct groups and denominations. Dr. Koivisto identifies the real culprit of Church disunity as Christians dividing into sects, not denominations.

In his second edition, Dr. Koivisto addresses church movements and books that developed after the first release of One Lord, One Faith in 1993. The second edition responds to the effects the "Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT)" movement, postmodernism and the "Emerging Church" phenomenon have had on the church.


"I hope to develop a broader view of the church so that all who genuinely love Christ, despite doctrinal and practical differences, can accept each other as brothers in Christ," Dr. Koivisto said.


Dr. Koivisto holds degrees from California State University, Hayward, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has written numerous journal articles and is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Institute for Biblical Research. He also serves as an ongoing consultant with biblical language research software. Dr. Koivisto wrote One Lord, One Faith to combat the attitude of sectarianism in evangelicalism: the competitive attitude that one church or sect has a better edge at presenting the gospel of Christ Jesus than another church.

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