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Multnomah Hires Executive Director for Reno-Tahoe Campus


Multnomah University's Reno-Tahoe teaching site welcomes John McKendricks as its executive director. Mr. McKendricks has had significant administrative and teaching experience in the secular, ministry, and academic fields.

Before accepting the position at Reno-Tahoe, Mr. McKendricks served as the Dean of Students and assistant to the Executive Vice President at Kings College and Seminary in Van Nuys, California.


"We have sensed a strong affinity to the mission and ethos of Multnomah with John McKendricks," Academic Dean Wayne Strickland said. "He resonates with our affection for Christ and the core values of Multnomah.  He comes with tremendous experience, tailor-made for Reno-Tahoe! We are excited to see how God uses him in the lives of the students and staff at Reno-Tahoe."

"I had two reasons to come to Multnomah: one visionary, one personal," Mr. McKendricks said. "First, I fell in love with Multnomah's idea of community. This world is disconnected in general, especially evident in the growing impact of cyber communities. There aren't many places in community, and I think Christians especially should be. Multnomah makes community a priority, and that attracted me. I also wanted to simplify my life and focus a single direction."

"My goal for Reno-Tahoe is to connect them with the Portland campus," Mr. McKendricks said. "I want them to see their primary identity in Multnomah University and to engender community in the teaching sites. I also want to put Multnomah on the map in that area - Multnomah will be the only accredited seminary in Nevada. There will be a lot of firsts for Reno-Tahoe, and I am excited to be a part of that pioneering."

"I am looking forward to being a part of something big for God's kingdom," Mr. McKendricks said. "There is a historic quality about Multnomah, and I want to be a part of that story."

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For more information about Multnomah's Reno-Tahoe site, call 800.275.4672 or email

About Multnomah's
Reno-Tahoe Campus

Multnomah Reno-Tahoe is a fully accredited teaching site extended from Multnomah University, a private, non-denominational, Christian institution of higher education located in Portland, Oregon. Currently, the Reno-Tahoe campus offers online and on-site Multnomah Biblical Seminary credits through its Connect program as well as up to fifty percent of the courses required for a full Multnomah University bachelor's degree.