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Dr. Thomas Hauff Publishes Collection of Short Stories

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Dr. Thomas Hauff, Multnomah University Bible and Theology professor and author of When God Says, "No": Reshaping Prayer and Learning to Listen, published his first fictional work, Of Man and Animals. These 20 fictional short stories, invite the reader to explore life through other people's lives: to laugh, cry, ponder, fear, love, and hate with a series of different characters. The stories emphasize the interconnected essence of people's lives and how each particular moment carries an array of interesting experiences, pondering questions such as:

  • What is the world around us really like? 
  • How do we act as we experience the world around us? 
  • How do we rationalize and connect our experiences and thoughts? 
  • And why do we act without even realizing our own motivations and desires on some occasions?

This book is for pondering and enjoying a few moments apart from the daily lives we lead. Of Man and Animals is published by Wipf and Stock and was released in March, 2011.


"This book was written just for the pleasure of reading," Dr. Hauff said. "I was trying to capture different people's lives as they experience life. Hopefully, when people read the stories, they will be prompted to ask questions about why we do what we do in life and how our actions picture who we are. The stories are intended to elicit a response and thoughtful consideration of the circumstances of the story. I chose to write short stories because people so often have little time for reading, and I wanted a medium that they could read slowly without having to devote a year to the book."

More Info

For more information about Of Man and Animals, contact Dr. Tom Hauff at 503.251.6421 or email Of Man and Animals is available for online purchase.

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