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Dr. Karen Fancher Named Seminary Dean of Students



Shifts in Student Services

Portland, Ore - Dr. Karen Fancher, Multnomah's Dean of Spiritual Formation and Wellness Programs, has been appointed as the Multnomah Biblical Seminary Dean of Students. She will continue serving in the Student Services Department in her current role in a half-time capacity as she takes on her new role as well.

This shift is part of the general move to structure the Student Services Department to serve all three academic divisions: seminary, graduate school, and undergraduate Bible college. Dr. Roger Trautmann, former Seminary Dean of Students, will also shift responsibilities by taking on the undergraduate student ministries tasks in addition to the current seminary internship programs.


"I am honored and delighted to transition to my new position," Dr. Karen Fancher said. "I look forward to helping provide spiritual, academic, and relational support to students during their seminary experience, as well as assisting students to access the broader Student Services support structures, such as our University Counseling Center and Academic Support Services. I trust that students will benefit as we enhance support to our seminary students and increase connections to services across the university. I personally look forward to sharing with seminary students in their journeys as they are further equipped for the unique arenas of witness and ministry that the Lord has prepared for them."


For more information, contact Kristin Kendall at or 503.251.6452.

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