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Multnomah University Offers Coaching Specialization & Certification


Portland, Ore - Graduate students at Multnomah University now have the opportunity to earn a Coaching specialization and certification in addition to their MU degree. Multnomah's Master of Arts in Counseling department has partnered with Carl Cassanova of New Vibe Training to deliver the proven program for anyone seeking it. The coaching program is designed to equip students with the ability to mentor and disciple people who are seeking spiritual growth and direction in their lives. It is aimed at pastors, lay-ministers, and counselors.

Not Just for Counseling Students

The Coaching specialization spans six weekend classes for a total of 60 hours, and does not conflict with a standard work week. While all master's students are encouraged to add this endorsement to their credentials, a Certificate in Coaching without master's-level credit is also available to people who are not enrolled at Multnomah University.

Coaching in Ministry

Coaching for counselors, pastors, and leaders is a dynamic and transformational approach for working with people who are seeking answers to their challenges. The goal is not for the coach to fix, rescue, or enable but to guide people through new, proactive ways to find resolution. Coaching is a growing and effective approach in churches and ministries.

The Coaching Endorsement

Each student that completes the endorsement requirements will be designated as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through Multnomah University in sponsorship with New Vibe Training. The program is endorsed by the International Coaches Foundation (ICF). Many people choose to take the certification and add "Life Coach" to their business name.


"We are excited to provide our graduate students with yet another opportunity to gain valuable experience that will help them develop effective ministries in counseling, church leadership, or wherever God leads them to serve," MA in Counseling Program Director Dr. Elizabeth List said. "New Vibe Training has a great track record in the field, which is in line with the quality of education offered by Multnomah University."


"Coaching is an art form that can be used by anyone at any level. When I first entered the coaching course, I did not understand how it was different from counseling and Mr. Casanova showed me," Multnomah graduate student Charlotte Haynes said. "He showed how to use words as God did in the Bible to assist my future clients to where he or she wants to go. The client is in control and is the expert.

"If you have any reservation, DON'T. When I became more acquainted with what coaching really can do for my clients, my heart melted and a feeling of a plethora of exciting emotions flooded my soul. I highly recommend the courses. They are life changing!"


For more information about the coaching program, please contact Admission at 800.275.4672 or

New Vibe Training

For more information about New Vibe, please contact Carl Casanova at 503.372.6101 or, or visit

About Multnomah

Multnomah University is a fully accredited, private, non-denominational, Christian institution of higher education, located in Portland, Oregon with teaching sites in Reno, Nevada and Anchorage, Alaska. Made up of anundergraduate Bible college, a biblical seminarygraduate programs, an adult degree completion program, and an online distance-learning program, Multnomah issues bachelor's and master's degrees, and professional certifications and endorsements.