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Multnomah University Breaks Ground on New Student Housing


Multnomah University is building new student housing on its main, Portland campus. The apartment-style complex is tailored to upper classmen and older students as an alternative to living off-campus while still providing a real world living experience. Multnomah hopes to foster community and promote academic success for students looking beyond a traditional residence hall environment.


The new student housing is being built on the north boundary of Multnomah's campus along NE Pacific Street. Some of the older houses that the University has rented out over the years have been demolished and materials reclaimed. The University is working closely with neighbors in the Montavilla Neighborhood Association to ensure a smooth, safe, and environmentally friendly construction project.

The Building Project

The project is broken down into two phases. The first two buildings of the proposed six building project, building A and building B, make up phase one. Phase two has not been approved to move ahead by the University and has not been proposed to the surrounding neighborhood association or the City of Portland.

The current buildings will contain a total of 15 units with two, three, or four bedrooms each. Building A will be 12,600 square feet and three stories with a covered parking area accounting for much of the first floor. Building B will be 6,800 feet and two stories. Both buildings will have dedicated parking facing the Multnomah campus with no Pacific Street vehicle access - thereby reducing the need for residents to park on Pacific Street.

Nate Carter, a design principal at Eleven Engineering and Design LLC, designed the project. Integrated Construction Group LLC is the builder.


  • Granite countertops
  • Dark walnut hardwood floors
  • Upgraded fixtures throughout
  • Yard area with outdoor furniture
  • Community rooms
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Campus WiFi access
  • Cable hookups (for those wishing to purchase service independently)

Students will have their own bedrooms and will only be responsible for paying their portion of the rent - even if the other bedrooms aren't occupied (this is a big advantage over off-campus apartment living).


Many students choose to live off-campus when they turn 21 and are no longer required to live in residence halls. Apartment-style living offers older students and upperclassmen the opportunity to stay on campus while enjoying the amenities of off campus living. Having more apartments on-campus allows them to continue to be a part of the community and makes a daily commute unnecessary. In addition to the academic benefits of living close to University services, students will benefit from what is perhaps the most formative part of a Multnomah education - that of living in close community with others and being personally and spiritually formed in the process.


"Relationships are key to the collegiate experience. Living on campus connects students to one another and the University in a very unique way," Assistant Director of Housing Operations Christy Martin said. "Research has shown that living on campus has a positive influence on a student's grade point average, level of involvement in campus activities, retention at the University, and satisfaction with his or her collegiate experience. Our hope is that by providing additional apartment-style housing, more students will thrive in their collegiate experience as they reap the benefits of living on campus."

"As an institution, we felt it was a really good opportunity to get a lot of our students back," Dean of Campus Life Dave Groom said. "With the older students, we hope to not insulate them in a residence hall environment, but keep them on campus so they can experience the benefits of being close.

"It's a very temporary season of life, so it's a way for students to bridge life between college and life after Multnomah University. Part of developing life skills is autonomy and being an independent adult in society."


For more information, contact Kristin Kendall at or 503.251.6452. Catch the latest updates and photos from the construction site at the Multnomah Student Housing Facebook group.

About Multnomah

Multnomah University is a fully accredited, private, non-denominational, Christian institution of higher education, located in Portland, Oregon with teaching sites in Reno, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; and Anchorage, Alaska. Made up of an undergraduate Bible college, a biblical seminary, a graduate school, an adult degree completion program, and an online distance-learning program, Multnomah issues bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees, and professional certifications and endorsements.