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Multnomah Biblical Seminary to Launch Doctor of Ministry Program


Portland, ORE - Multnomah Biblical Seminary has set a June 2013 date for the launch of a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program. The D.Min. has been under development for over a year and, under the supervision of Dr. Derek Chinn, is in final stages of planning now that it is approved by all of Multnomah's accrediting bodies.

The D.Min. will begin with two tracks - Cultural Engagement led by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger and Missional Leadership led by Dr. Rick McKinley. Additional tracks are being developed to launch in 2014.

The D.Min. will follow a cohort model, meaning a group of students will progress through their doctoral program together.

Cultural Engagement Track

The Cultural Engagement track is designed to hone the skill set of ministry leaders in domains such as the local church, church planting, chaplaincy, campus ministry, relief work, and community development.

Missional Leadership Track

The Missional Leadership track builds on and enhances the abilities of church and ministry leaders to equip and mobilize people to proclaim the Gospel in the cultural language of their community. This new kind of proclamation demonstrates the compassion, mercy, and justice of God through tangible ministry.

Program Distinctives

  • Resident faculty - Current Multnomah faculty will lead each track as the faculty mentor.
  • Distinct and relevant - Our ministry tracks play to our strengths and emphasize areas where we are already making significant contributions to the Kingdom and God's people. 
  • Recognized instructors and connected ministry networks - All course instructors are trusted and respected for what they do, and bring the value of existing relationships with friends and colleagues into the classroom. 
  • Proven ministry experience - Our faculty live what they teach.
  • Focused coursework - Courses you take emphasize your field of interest. 100% of your in-class seat time is in your ministry track.

Faculty Quote

"I am really looking forward to working with Dr. Chinn and Dr. McKinley as we launch these two tracks for Multnomah Biblical Seminary's new Doctor of Ministry program," Dr. Paul Metzger said. "Dr. McKinley's work in missional leadership and my work in cultural engagement complement one another well and reflect our partnership and shared commitment to biblical orthodoxy and Christ-centered witness in the twenty-first century. Exciting days ahead for Multnomah!"

D.Min. Director Quote

"I'm excited about what we're doing because of the depth of experience and knowledge of our faculty mentors, Drs. Paul Metzger & Rick McKinley," Dr. Derek Chinn said. "A significant aspect of our program approach is that students will be a part of the ministry relationships of their faculty mentor - they will learn from people actively engaged in ministry and hear insights gleaned from frontline experience."

"As a pastor of a church that actively participates in its community for the welfare of the city, Dr. McKinley will help those in his track understand why and how the local church needs to engage her neighbors."

"Dr. Metzger's theological training and experience in various multicultural contexts through New Wine, New Wineskins and beyond will give his track's participants depth and insight into engaging those who differ from themselves across such lines as race, socioeconomics, theology, age, gender, and faith."

Contact Info

For more information about Multnomah Biblical Seminary's D.Min. program contact Dr. Derek Chinn at 503.251.6732 or

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