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Multnomah Honors Julia Hoffman as 2013 Alumnus of Year

In recognition of her lifetime of faith and service, Multnomah University honored Julia Hoffman as Alumnus of the Year. Each year, Multnomah University presents its highest honor to an alum who exemplifies Christ’s work and Multnomah’s values. Julia Hoffman received the award and spoke to the student body at a special awards chapel held on Multnomah's Portland campus at 10 a.m. on March 14, 2013. 

Julia Hoffman

Born in 1916, Julia earned her masters in social work at Columbia University. After becoming a Christian, Julia attended Multnomah and completed the Grad Certificate in 1950. Julia described her time at Multnomah as filled with giants of the faith: working with Dr. Mitchell, helping with the 1950 Billy Graham crusade, and meeting Corrie ten Boom.
Julia served more than 40 years in education and 50 years with Gideons International. Ninety-seven this year, Julia still hands out New Testaments at hospitals and wherever she goes.


“Whenever we select someone for the Alumnus of the Year Award, we look for someone who is inspiring,” Michelle Peel, Multnomah University’s Director of Alumni Relations, said. “It’s difficult for students to see themselves 50 years from now, but they can see the example of persevering faith in our older alumni. Julia has a heart for getting the Word to people. She’s been a long-time friend of Multnomah in her love, support, and prayers. Her optimism and eagerness to learn emanates through her love of the Lord. At her age, Julia’s had a lot of life experience; it’s amazing to see her heart so open to what the Lord has to teach her.”
“Learning is living,” Julia said. “I think it’s not a matter of age – whether you’ve outlived your friends or are just starting out in life. The Lord has a plan for us where we are now, and for tomorrow and for eternity. I talked about meeting giants of faith – I met one of those giants when I taught Bible classes at schools. He was only about six years old and didn’t have his front teeth. As he swung off the bus, he said, ‘I love Jesus. I just love Jesus.’ And that has stayed with me. The first command is to love the Lord with all your heart. So I’m still learning to love Jesus.”


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