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Dr. Dan Lockwood Announces Retirement as President of Multnomah University

Portland, Ore. – Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood will retire June 30, 2014, following 17 years of service as Multnomah University’s fourth president. His presidency is marked by progress, academic accountability, and increased opportunities and venues for Multnomah grads to share the message of Jesus Christ around the world.
Over the course of Multnomah’s 77-year history, each president has successfully built on the legacy that was left by their predecessor. This began with Founder Dr. John. G. Mitchell, who laid the foundation of teaching biblical truth and helping students “fall in love with the Savior.” Multnomah looks forward to continuing this eternally-significant work with the next president.
“The eternal implication of the work God has done in the world through Multnomah graduates is humbling, and I am honored to have played a part in it,” Dr. Lockwood said.
“The Board of Trustees thanks God for Dr. Lockwood's energetic leadership sustained over such an extended period of both challenges and opportunities for Multnomah,” Multnomah’s Chairman of the Board Jack Dryden said. “His impact has been both broad and deep."
“Over the past 17 years of Dr. Lockwood’s leadership, God has greatly expanded the influence and capacity of Multnomah to make significant changes in the lives of people all over the world,” Multnomah’s Vice-Chair of the Board Glen Zirkle said.

Dr. Lockwood’s Retirement

Dr. Lockwood was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 but remained asymptomatic, leading the school to full accreditation in 2006, adopting the “Multnomah University” title in 2008, and achieving record enrollment of 931 students in 2011. His years as president feature an impressive number of accomplishments that pay tribute to his energy and leadership in spite of adversity.
“The fact that I had cancer prompted me to approach the board of trustees about a retirement plan,” Dr. Lockwood said. “I continued to have no symptoms from either my cancer or from my chemotherapy infusions, and was able to fulfill my presidential responsibilities and live a very normal life with plenty of energy. But I felt full disclosure on this issue was imperative.”
Dr. Lockwood continues to operate with full vigor. The decision to search for a new president is a precautionary measure on the part of Multnomah’s board, not an emergency due to any deterioration of his ability to serve in his current position.
Multnomah’s board of trustees is acting on a pre-established plan to find a successor. As the committee works, Dr. Lockwood will continue to serve as president.

Dr. Lockwood’s Legacy

The academic offerings and opportunities at Multnomah University have expanded exponentially during Dr. Lockwood’s time as president. New undergraduate programs like Teacher Education and Business have provided marketplace ministry opportunities for graduates, while the Degree Completion Program has attracted students who want to finish their degree with a biblical emphasis.
Graduate and Seminary programs like the MA in Teaching and MA in Counseling have successfully combined licensed, professional training and biblical education, while the Doctor of Ministry program ushers in a practical, doctorate-level education previously unavailable at Multnomah.
In addition to the new programs, distance learning options were initiated, including Multnomah’s teaching sites in Reno and Seattle.
Under Dr. Lockwood’s leadership, Multnomah University has also seen amazing progress both in the institution’s academic prestige and on the physical campus. Regional accreditation through NWCCU was achieved in 2006, several building projects were completed (Aldrich Dorm, Travis-Lovitt Hall Seminary building, Goodrick/Spencer Seminary Apartments, Joseph C. Aldrich Student Center, and The Ambassador apartments), the Reno-Tahoe campus was acquired in 2008, and “Multnomah University” was made the official, “umbrella” term for Multnomah Bible College, Multnomah Biblical Seminary, and the Multnomah graduate and degree completion programs in 2008.

Multnomah Prepared for the Future

Dr. Lockwood has effectively prepared Multnomah University for the future. The fifth president will have the necessary tools to continue Multnomah’s legacy of biblically-based, academically rigorous, and culturally relevant education.

More Information

For more information about Dr. Lockwood’s retirement and time as President of Multnomah University, please contact Denise Stone at 503.251.5352 or

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Multnomah University is a fully accredited, private, non-denominational, Christian institution of higher education, located in Portland, Oregon with teaching sites in Reno, Nevada and Seattle, Washington. Made up of an undergraduate Bible college, a biblical seminary, a graduate school, an adult degree completion program, and an online distance-learning program, Multnomah issues bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees, and professional certifications and endorsements.