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Multnomah Students Receive Who's Who Recognition


Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges has selected twenty-five Multnomah Bible College students to appear in the 2003 edition of their publication. The students are chosen based on their academic achievements, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continue success.

More than 2,300 institutions of higher learning around the nation and overseas participated this year. Since 1934, "Who's Who" has published a listing of outstanding students. Multnomah students recognized this year show outstanding campus leadership.

The twenty-five students in this year's edition are as follows: Ms. Diane Bailey; Mr. Matthew Baldwin; Ms. Leeann E. Bay; Mrs. Andrea M. Bernard; Mr. Levi N. Brotnov; Ms. Jennifer E. Buchser; Ms. Natalie M. Christiansen; Mr. Halden J. Doerge; Mr. Warren D. Hall; Mrs. Cynthia J. Hall; Mr. Brian R. Haney; Mrs. Robyn J. Honeycutt; Ms. Erin E. Johnson; Ms. Kathryn H. Karman; Ms. Rebekah L. Keel; Ms. Sharisa N. Keim; Ms. Brianna R. Knuckey; Mr. Joshua G. Matthews; Mr. Jeremy D. Mavis; Mr. Joel D. McMartin; Ms. Phoebe A. Naguit; Mr. Mike S. Reilley; Mr. Joel S. Roberts; Ms. Robyn E. Sheldon; Ms. Sara L. Wedman