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Journalism Student Takes Home EPA Award


Sophomore and journalism major Tessa Chierici won fifth place in the Evangelical Press Association's Higher Goals contest; the category was for a Standing Column. Chierici was this year's editor for The Voice, Multnomah's student newspaper.

The Evangelical Press Association embraces some 375 Christian periodicals, organizations and individual members. Its publications have a combined circulation of about 19 million readers. The annual awards contest gives member publications recognition of outstanding work and helpful critiques of their periodicals. Chierici won in the Higher Goals contest, which offers competition and evaluation in separate areas such as first-person articles, standing columns, and graphic design. More than 110 magazines entered the higher goals contest, competing in numerous categories.

Holly G. Miller, a prolific writer and an associate editor for The Saturday Evening Post, was the judge for column writing. Miller awarded Tess an "excellent" rating in writing style, well-expressed opinions, appeal to intended audience, and uniqueness of contribution. Miller wrote, "You're a good storyteller and use language well. Each column has a powerful message wrapped in a nice, personal anecdote. If you're this good at age 21, you'll be a recognized author with a major publisher very soon. Good luck."

Chierici also won Best Columnist for her columns in The Voice this year from the Oregon Newspaper Publisher's Association collegiate newspaper contest, division 2 (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly college newspapers).

The judge wrote: Nice work connecting the personal with the universal…especially on the story about your grandfather.

The ONPA, founded in 1887 is a professional association of the state's 88 daily and nondaily paid circulation newspapers.