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Basketball Team Ministers in Europe


The Multnomah Ambassadors men's basketball team has returned from a summer ministry trip to Europe. The team spent two weeks abroad, using basketball as a vessel to share the gospel with players, coaches and spectators in both France and Italy.

The team played a total of six games, sharing personal testimonies and distributing gospel materials at halftime. In both France and Italy, the team gave out cards with a team photo on the front and a translated gospel message on the back. While in France, the team also distributed Jesus videos to players and coaches. In addition to ministering on the court, three players shared their testimonies at a church in Italy.

"One of the things that impressed me the most was how eager our team was to share, and how hard they worked to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves," said college faculty member Dr. Karl Kutz.

Kutz and his wife Laurie accompanied the team of 10 players along with coach Lois Vos, head coach Chris Reese and Reese's wife, Cheryl. Chris Reese has coached the Ambassadors for nine years, and is thankful for the way he is able to incorporate his love for basketball with his love for the Lord while serving at Multnomah.

"It amazes me how a simple game of basketball can draw hundreds of people and in return it gives the team opportunities to share their hearts and their relationship with Jesus Christ. The players experienced this very thing while in Europe, and they came back with a new appreciation for sports ministry," said Reese.

The men's basketball and women's volleyball team each minister abroad on alternating summers. The women's volleyball team traveled to Moldova in the summer of 2002. The basketball team has traveled to Mexico, Australia and the Philippines in recent years.