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ATS Accreditation Reaffirmed


Multnomah Biblical Seminary has earned reaffirmation of accreditation for a period of 10 years through the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). The Commission on Accreditation met in June 2003 and voted on this reaffirmation after a lengthy self-study report and site visit.

"The reaffirmation is an exhilarating conclusion to a long, but rewarding, process," said Multnomah President Dr. Daniel Lockwood. "The commendations by the team, and the decision by the Commission, affirms that Multnomah Biblical Seminary fulfills its mission with excellence and is counted as a peer among the best seminaries in North America."

Some strengths noted by the Commission include strong support for the Seminary within the College/Seminary structure, faculty loyalty and commitment to the vision of the Seminary and to individual students, and an effective internship program that leads to job placement.

Multnomah's board members and faculty are currently working together to respond to some of the recommendations offered by the Commission. Development of a student advisement program and providing more support staff for faculty are two of the primary issues being discussed.

"Having a 10 year reaffirmation-the maximum we could receive under ATS policies-is encouraging, in large part because it frees us up to pursue many of the strategic plans we've wanted to implement," said Lockwood.

Multnomah's next self-study and site visit will take place in 2013. ATS granted Multnomah Biblical Seminary initial accreditation in 1996.