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Multnomah Hires New Athletic Director and Men's Basketball Coach


Multnomah's athletic department went through major changes over the summer. Dr. Lockwood and the Academic Dean's Council hired a new athletic director and men's basketball coach, filling vacancies left by Chris Reese, who took a job elsewhere.

Lois Vos, in her 15th year at Multnomah, became the new athletic director July 1. She now oversees the physical education department, the intercollegiate sports program and the intramural programs.

Coach Vos is especially excited about hosting the women's volleyball western regional tournament this year. Multnomah was chosen to host the tournament for two years. "Even though we have changes, things will continue to run smoothly," she said.

Curt Bickley is the new coach for the men's basketball team. Coach Bickley has a wealth of coaching experience, having led teams in Indiana and California. While coaching in California, his team won three Coast Valley League championships and he was named Coach of the Year twice.

Coach Bickley will also teach four physical education courses. Tryouts for the basketball team will occur Sept. 10-11 and the basketball season begins Nov. 1. "I'm big time looking forward to the season," he said. "This is my passion."

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