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Dan May Honored as Alumnus of the Year


On Sept. 25, 2003, the Multnomah community honored Mr. Dan May for a lifetime of dedicated Christian service. Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary recognized his commitment to the Lord and named him the Alumnus of the Year.

Mr. May, born in Rainier, Oregon, attended Multnomah in the late 1940s as a reluctant student encouraged by his parents to enroll. During his time at school, God grabbed a hold of his heart and caused Mr. May to fully commit his life to Christ. "My time at Multnomah got me squared away with Jesus," Mr. May said. "Multnomah helped me establish my priorities. There are a lot of pulls in life, but God comes first."

He graduated from Multnomah in 1951 and moved to Fernwood, Idaho to pastor a small church until 1956. While in Fernwood, his three children were born: Gary, Steve, and Kathy.

Mr. May left Fernwood and moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota. He earned his CPA license and North Central Airlines hired him to work as an accountant. During the next 30 years he worked his way up to the positions of CEO and Chairman of the Board of the company, renamed Republic Airlines.

One of Mr. May and his wife Radona's favorite ministries is Young Life. Mr. May has served on the National Board of Trustees for the past 20 years, including a tenure as Chairman of the Board. Mr. and Mrs. May are active in their church. They serve as elders at a Presbyterian church and are in charge of a senior adult group of about 80 couples. Mr. May said that because of his years at Multnomah, he has always been able to accurately teach from the Bible.

He has also served on the Wycliffe/SIL Investment Committee for the past ten years and he has been a mentor for InterVarsity at their Marketplace Conferences and their MBA seminars.

"Dan May is a great example of an alumni who was greatly changed by his time at Multnomah," Dennis Fuqua, director of alumni relations, said. "Although the majority of his life was not spent in vocational ministry, he has made a significant contribution to God's work by the character of his life."

Listen to Dan May's chapel message from this web page. You will need to have Real Audio Player installed on your computer in order to listen to the message.