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Student Fundraiser a Success


Alumni once again greatly blessed Multnomah during the fall 2003 Phon-A-Thon, Sept. 23 to Oct. 8. Students contacted more than 1700 alumni and raised approximately $17,924 in pledged support. Another 174 alumni pledged an unspecified amount.

Each semester, students have the opportunity to raise money for student aid, and connect with Multnomah's alumni to say thank you for the financial help. Every student's tuition is reduced by approximately $2,300 because of support from Multnomah alumni.

"There were lots of stories of conversations beautifully orchestrated by God," Linda Roberts, communications coordinator, said. "One student who was a missionary kid talked with an alumni who was a missionary in the same country and they spoke Spanish back and forth on the phone! Another student asked an alum 'do you have any advice for me?' The student said she started crying because it was exactly what she needed to hear. God is at work!"

Each semester, every student who receives a Multnomah need grant to help pay for tuition participates in the Phon-A-Thon. A team of students also had the opportunity to pray for more than 1100 alumni prayer requests during the Phon-A-Thon this year.