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Donor Provides Funds for New Sound Studio


An anonymous donor recently gave a generous amount of money to renovate the Con Robinson sound studio in the lower library. Music department chair Miriam Gibby had been actively pursuing avenues to update the dormant studio, which had become storage space during the last five years.

Studio management recently changed from the Information Services Department to the music department. Mrs. Gibby said she hopes the studio will be ready for use by early December 2003.

Art Thompson, studio manager, will be installing and wiring the new digital equipment. The renovated studio will house a computer-based workstation, 24-track digital recorder and a stand-alone CD mastering unit. Mr. Thompson estimates the cost of the improvements at about $24,000.

The new studio will be top-notch, rivaling even commercial studios. When the room is finished, a full-volume rock back can record without disrupting anyone in the library. The studio is sound proofed by triple isolated walls, a floating floor and sand-filled doors that weigh 1,000 pounds each.

Although the cost of recording is extremely expensive, Mrs. Gibby said the renovated studio will offer excellent recordings at a fraction of the cost. This will allow the MBC Choir and Destiny groups to produce high quality recordings and possibly allow individual students and bands to record their music as the program expands.

The new studio is a boost for the music department. "I'm excited about the prospect of giving students hands on training in sound production, recording techniques and engineering," Mrs. Gibby said.

The studio was active for years and was used for recording the radio programs that went out from Multnomah. From 1994-1997 the Choir and Destiny Ensemble used the studio to record.