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Seminary Launches Theological Journal


The following letter has been written by Dr. Don Brake, vice president and dean of the seminary:

Dear Friends,

It has been the desire of the Seminary for several years to have an impact beyond the "sacred halls" of Multnomah's campus. The goal was to encourage seminary faculty to expand their ministry to include peers from other seminaries through writing for a national audience, presenting papers at scholarly conferences, and producing a journal to engage those outside our normal comfort zone.

I am pleased to announce the inauguration of the seminary's "Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture" led by senior editor, and New Wine director, Dr. Paul Metzger. This new journal is unique in theological circles and will be the catalyst for engaging culture through scholarly articles by such men as: Dr. Stanley Grenz, Dr. Daniel Brown and others. The journal will pursue a biblically informed, Christ-centered Trinitarian engagement of contemporary culture. This will allow the journal to hear voices of those with different theological perspectives but will also let Multnomah be heard by the non-evangelical world.

The response to Dr. Metzger's article in the Oregonian and to initial presentations at recent theological societies has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. A journal that focuses on the engagement of culture, social justice and other issues has been a need for a long time. The first issue will be available the autumn of 2004 and will be issued twice a year.

Journal subscriptions are $20.00 per year for individuals, but a charter member introduction price is just $15.00. Sample copies are available from the Seminary reception desk in Travis Lovitt Hall ($1.00) and you can sign up for a subscription there. We believe this journal will be a tremendous contribution to the evangelical world. Your membership will help maintain a high quality for the journal and enable you to be informed and to have a part in "Bringing Christ to Contemporary Culture."