MA in Counseling

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Multnomah University offers a Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program which utilizes a practitioner/scholar model that merges biblical faith integration and academic quality, while offering practical training from practicing professionals. Multnomah's MAC program is approved by the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists OBLPCT.

The program:

  • 61-semester credit hours in length
  • small cohort-style classes
  • most classes one night a week
  • completed in approximately two years
  • 700 hours of internship and practicum
  • Cohorts start in March and in August (2 opportunities to start per year)

The focus:

  1. Counseling theory (Christian and Secular) and the cultivation of counseling skills and techniques
  2. A comprehension of practicing ethics and professional development
  3. A foundational understanding of diverse populations
  4. A working knowledge of psychopathology and strengths-based treatments
  5. Personal examination and reflection, facilitated by small groups and individual assignments, to enhance personal, spiritual, and professional growth in each student.

What Can I Do With Counseling Education From Multnomah?

Licensed Professional Counselors may seek employment or further education in the following areas:

  • counseling agencies
  • private practices
  • hospitals
  • para-church organizations
  • educational settings
  • human service agencies
  • pursue a doctorate in clinical Psychology

To Qualify For This Program An Applicant Must:

  • Be a graduate with a B.S. or B.A. from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Submit the application with all required forms
  • Bible and Theology prerequisites may be completed in the first year of the MAC program.

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For more details on the program, or to receive an application by mail, contact the admissions department at 800-275-4672 or

Course Cr Wks
Graduate Seminar 1 3
Counseling Theory 3 7
Advanced Human Growth and Development 3 7
Foundations of Counseling and Human Diversity 3 7
Basic Counseling Skills and the Helping Relationship 3 7
Group dynamics and counseling 3 7
Lifestyle and Career Development 3 7
Diagnosis and Psychopathology 3 7
Psychopharmacology, addictions, and the chemistry of the brain 3 7
Tests and Appraisal in Counseling 3 7
Research and Evaluation 3 7
Legal and Ethical issues in Counseling 3 7
Spiritual Integration in Counseling 3 7
Principles of Counseling in Brief Therapy and crisis intervention 3 7
Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Systems 3 7
Advanced Counseling and Supervision 3 7
Practicum 1  
Clinical Internship I and II 6  

Meet Your Professors

fall 2014 counseling Courses:


COU500 (01) Graduate Seminar Dr. David Manock
COU500 (01) Graduate Seminar Dr. David Manock
COU510 (01) Basic Counseling Skills & Helping Rel. Dr. David Manock
COU520 (01) Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling Dr. David Manock
COU530 (01) Research & Evaluation Raeshawn Chresfield
COU540 (01) Princ Counseling & Brief Therapy Dr. Erroll Stephens
COU555 (01) Diagnosis & Psychopathology Dr. Erroll Stephens
COU560 (01) Counseling Theory Dr. David Manock
COU570 (01) Found. of Counseling & Human Diversity Mrs. Portia Jones
COU610 (01) Psychopharmacology, Addictions & Brain Raeshawn Chresfield
COU620 (01) Advanced Counseling & Supervision Mr. Jim Velez
COU630 (01) Advanced Human Growth & Development Dr. David Manock
COU640 (01) Group Dynamics and Counseling Mr. Bryan Warren
COU650 (01) Sexuality, Marriage, Couple & Fam Systms Mrs. Brandi Walters
COU650 (02) Sexuality, Marriage, Couple & Fam Systms Mrs. Brandi Walters
COU670 (01) Spiritual Integration & Social Concern Christopher Cleaver
COU680 (01) Lifestyle and Career Development Mr. Garrett Baldwin
COU690 (01) MAC Comprehensive Oral Exam Mrs. Brandi Walters