Alumni Mentoring

Career Services has partnered with the Alumni Department to create a brand new Alumni Career Mentoring program for our students. 

What is Alumni Career Mentoring?

Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship between a Multnomah alumnus and student, in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced person. True mentoring is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.

As a Multnomah Alumni Mentor you are a guide, friend and resource who shares your education and professional experience to help pave the way for a student to succeed in school and be prepared for life after Multnomah. 

A Multnomah Alumni Mentor is a:

Motivator: Expresses belief and confidence in the student’s abilities, and encourages the student to explore new things.

Resource:  Teaches and advises the students on career related subjects (from networking to advancing in a career field to balancing family life, etc.)

Supporter:  Encourages open and honest dialog, and listens to and responds to the needs of the students.

Coach:  Helps the student develop, and work to achieve realistic and meaningful goals.

What is Expected of Me as a Mentor?

Being a mentor is flexible - you and the mentee can decide on how the relationship will work.  We do, however, have some expectations for this relationship:

• This relationship only lasts 1 semester (September - December OR January - May), but may be continued at the discretion of Mentor and Mentee.

• Spend at least 1 hour per month working on the mentoring relationship (total of only 4 hours per semester).

• Set expectations with students for how and when you will contact each other (see Mentoring Resources below).

• Approach mentoring relationship with respect, professionalism and an open mind.

• Respond to all communication in a timely manner.You will be notified by the Career Services Office when you have been matched with a student for a particular semester.  However, the student will make the initial contact with you to begin the mentoring relationship.

What is NOT expected of Me as a Mentor?

• To offer jobs or internships to the student.

• To initiate all contact with the student.

• To have all the answers for the student.

Who are the Multnomah Students participating?

  • Currently, the Alumni Mentoring program is only available for students in the PSY 390 Career Development class (typically Juniors or Seniors).
  • The mentoring pairs will be made based on similar career field, degrees and personal interests of both the student and alumnus.

Interested in being a mentor to a Multnomah student? 

We are currently looking for Alumni Mentors for the Fall 2014 semester.  If you are interested in being a mentor fill out and submit the following form.  If you have more questions about being a mentor, please contact the Career Services office at

Please fill out and submit the following form:

Semester(s) you are interested in being a mentor:

Alumni Mentoring Resources

Building the Mentoring Relationship

Suggested Talking Points

Goal Setting Worksheet