Missions Organizations

All kinds of opportunities exist for you to use your gifts and abilities to further God's kingdom around the world, as well as here in the United States. If you think God may be calling you to work in fulltime ministry cross-culturally, we can help you in the Career Center. Mission agencies are also set up to serve you in this process. You can meet with them personally at Multnomah's annual missions conference in February or contact them directly (see list below). I also recommend the book Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations, which we have in the Career Center.

Two other excellent places to explore the possibility of cross-cultural ministry are the World Evangelical Alliance international website and Urbana, the largest missions conference in the United States, which is held at the end of December every three years. Visit Urbana's website or go directly to their list of mission agencies. If you're looking for short-term (up to two years), ShortTermMissions.com is an excellent site for finding places that match certain criteria (e.g. length, location, ministry type, etc.). It searches approximately 1000 opportunities based on your criteria.

The following links are organizations that have been represented at Multnomah's missions conferences over the years. For a broader offering, or if you prefer printed information that you can take with you, we have notebooks of information from these and others in the Career Center. For information on limited-access countries, see us in the Career Center.