Dining Services

Welcome to Multnomah’s Dining Services website!

Pioneer College Caterers is proud to provide Multnomah University with the highest quality food service comprised of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, drinks and desserts, creating an exceptional dining experience for all who come to Multnomah’s campus. Pioneer College Caterers has in depth knowledge of the Christian college environment, and provides quality dining experiences for students, guests, faculty and staff across the country on over fifty campuses.

Whether students, staff, and faculty are ready to sit down and eat a full meal in the Dining Center or just want a cup of coffee and quick pastry from the Coffee Shop, we are ready to serve.

Commuter Meal Plans

Pioneer offers several varieties of meal plans specifically designed to meet the needs of Multnomah's commuter students.

Flex Credit (Declining Balance)

Flex credit allows students to carry a dollar balance on their ID cards that is virtually the same as cash. Students can use their flex dollars at the Dining Center for meals or in the Coffee Shop for a cup of coffee or a Grab ‘N Go breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal. Money can be added to student accounts in $10 increments.

Treat Orders

Choose from a birthday cake, fresh baked cookies, a half pound cookie, the survival pack, whole fresh fruit, or a treat of the month. Whether your student is homesick, having a birthday away from home, or just because-- surprise them with a special treat!

The Dietician is In

Have a question about nutrition? Click the link to submit a question via e-mail to our registered dietician.

Nutritional Resources

Find information about food allergies, nutrition, fitness and eating disorders.