Meal Plans

Residential Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for all students living in the residence halls, and plans can be used in the Dining Center and the Coffee Shop.

Multnomah offers two meal plans for residential students.

Residential Meal Plans

  • The Gold Plan, available to all residents, inculdes 19 meals per week and $75 flex credit ($4200/semester)
  • The Silver Plan, available to Juniors and Seniors only, includes 13 meals per week and $75 flex credit ($3750/semester)

Students have unlimited access to the cafeteria during operation hours. The "flex credit" is a declining balance that may be spent in Roger's Coffee Shop or the Dining Center. 

Meal plans for commuters and families are also available at block pricing. Below are the meal plan options. Plans may be purchased at the Dining Center or online.

Commuter Meal Plans

  • 75 meals/semester, $50 flex credit ($465/semester)
  • 50 meals/semester, $50 flex credit ($350/semester)
  • 25 meals/semester, $75 flex credit ($240/semester)
  • 25 meals/semester, $25 flex credit ($190/semester)

Family Meal Plans

  • 80 meals/semester ($440)
  • 40 meals/semester ($230)

Market Fresh Rotisserie Dinner

Available weekdays  Monday – Friday 5:00 pm -6:30 pm
Dinner includes:
1 Rotisserie Chicken
2 Side dishes or 2 salad bar
4 Rolls or Biscuits
Cost: $10.00
Order by phone at 503.251.5331