Avoiding Plagiarism

Good scholarship requires engagement with reputable sources and the proper citation of those sources. Any direct quote, paraphrase, summary, fact, image or chart that did not originate with you must be cited. Whether intentional or unintentional, failure to give credit to one’s sources is called plagiarism and is a form of academic dishonesty. Please see the Multnomah University Student Handbook statement on academic honesty. To better understand proper citation and how to avoid plagiarism, check out this helpful Plagiarism Tutorial.


Please check your syllabus to make sure you know your instructor’s preferred citation style. For examples and guidance, please consult the style guides below or paper guides available at the Reference desk in the Library.

APA Style Guide

APA Formatting and Style Guide
APA Sample Paper

MLA Style Guide

MLA Formatting

MLA: What’s New in the 8th Edition

Turabian Style Guide

Turabian Quick Guide
Turabian Sample Paper (Bibliography Style)