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Welcome to the winter edition of the MU Parent Connection! Our desire is to keep you connected with happenings on campus and give you opportunities to participate in your student’s experience at Multnomah. As we prepare to celebrate the Christmas holiday, know that you and your student are in our prayers. Enjoy!

FROM THE PRESIDENT'S DESK - Amid a country deeply divided over the upcoming inauguration of America’s 45th president, we as believers in the King of kings can find some much-needed encouragement from Isaiah 9:6
PARENT TO PARENT - Our twins, Joseph and Jonathan, are not our first children to head to college. They are actually our fourth and fifth to choose a collegiate path after high school. But even though I've been down this path before, this time was different. 
CONNECTING WITH STUDENT LIFE - As the parent of a Multnomah student, you may have mixed feelings. You might being saying to yourself, “My child is gone, and I am freaking out!” — or you might be saying, “My child is gone...finally some alone time!” Either response is normal and expected. 
BUILDING STRONG ALUMNI - As Alumni Director, I consider it a great privilege and joy to have the honor of walking alongside our students. Multnomah is all about life change, and this is certainly a season of life where A LOT is changing as they continue to grow and mature as young people. 
ATHLETE PROFILES - Sports is an integral part of the overall student experience at Multnomah University. Three students have graciously shared how they have been impacted by both Multnomah University and the Athletics Department. We hope you enjoy their stories! 
HELPING STUDENTS SUCCEED - The upcoming Christmas break is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with your student after a busy semester at school. Life at Multnomah can be challenging as students balance the demands of academics, work, and relationships. 
NEWS YOU CAN USE - Throughout your student's time at MU, we are committed to providing the information and resources you need. If you have questions about financial aid or your student's account, just let us know. And be sure to refer to our university calendar for important dates and events. 
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