Transfer Policies

College Resources

The following resources are available to help students pursue their degree. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 503-251-5370.

CLEP Tests

The CLEP Test (College Level Examination Program) uses subject tests as a means for students to earn credits toward their degree. Any credits earned through the CLEP test must be completed by the end of a student's sophomore year. For more information on which tests Multnomah will grant credit, click here.

International Baccalaureate

For information on how International Baccalaureate exams transfer, click here.

Community College Transfer

Students may take courses at other institutions and transfer the credits to Multnomah. Prior to enrolling in courses at other institutions, please read the Concurrent Studies policy listed below. For lists of transferable classes from common community colleges, please click here.

Concurrent Studies

Students may enroll concurrently at another college with the prior consent of the Registrar. Complete the appropriate Concurrent Studies form showing that the class is required for your program, and return it to the Registrar's Office. Securing consent allows the Registrar to confirm the need for taking the course and to relate possible deadlines for meeting graduation requirements.

Residency Requirement

Transfer students must complete a minimum of thirty-two semester hours at Multnomah University. These must include twenty hours in Bible and theology and ten hours in a second major. Students must be in residence at least one semester of the final year of study and must complete twelve of the final twenty semester hours at Multnomah.