Final Exam Schedule

Dates for final examinations are listed in the class schedule available prior to each semester. Finals usually take place the last week of the semester, and the regular semester schedule is adjusted to provide blocks of time for exams. In the spring semester, senior finals are scheduled one week before freshman, sophomore, and junior exams.

Students are responsible to note the dates for and plan transportation and work schedules around the examination period. Final examinations must be taken at the time scheduled with these possible exceptions:

  • You have two exams which conflict, or you have more than three exams in one day. See the Registrar for an adjustment and then schedule the make-up exam with your professor.
  • You are absent because of illness (as defined by the professor) and arrange with your teacher to make up the examination during finals week.

At the scheduled final exam period for each class, all semester assignments are due. No work may be submitted after final examinations unless a student qualifies for an incomplete grade. If a class has no final exam and does not meet during the final exam period, then all assignments are due at the last class.

View the spring 2017 Undergraduate Final Exam Schedule.