The VA School Certifying Official, located in the Financial Aid Office, assists with information regarding applications, certification, and other information relating to educational benefits. Veterans need to arrange starting or terminating educational benefits with the VA School Certifying Official.

VA students can submit applications online  If a student doesn’t have access to apply online the veteran can call 1.888.442.4551 and ask that a form be mailed.

Benefits are paid based on the number of credits one is enrolled in—twelve semester hours qualify for full-time in the undergraduate programs.  Eight semester credits meet the full-time requirement at the graduate level.

Veteran certifications are processed in the Financial Aid Office in mid-July for students intending to be enrolled for fall semester.  Veteran students need to notify the VA School Certifying Official of any academic changes that affect their enrollment including reduction or increase in class load or withdrawal from school.

Veterans may visit the regional VA Office in Portland for additional information or for educational counseling.  Their office is located at 1220 SW Third Ave, Portland, OR 97204-2825.

Federal law allows authorized state and federal personnel to access to all veteran's school records.

Under Veterans Affairs’ regulations, all veterans or students eligible to receive benefits must maintain satisfactory progress toward their educational goals to continue to receive such benefits.  Students not meeting those standards will be notified by letter at the end of each semester.  If a student's deficiency is not corrected within two consecutive semesters, Multnomah will notify the Veterans Affairs of his or her unsatisfactory progress.  College students must achieve a 2.0 cumulative GPA to meet satisfactory progress standards.  Seminary students must achieve the minimum GPA required in their respective programs.

A drop period of one week from the beginning date of classes is provided each semester. Any withdrawal from classes is limited to this one-week period, except in extreme emergency.

A veteran student may request an exception to satisfactory progress standards and extend probation one additional semester by filing a claim of mitigating circumstances. These may include such considerations as the following: serious personal illness, family illness or death, financial emergency or satisfactory semester GPA but cumulative GPA below 2.0.