Student Counseling Center

Our Mission

The Counseling Center is here to support the holistic development of each student as they prepare for next steps in life and ministry.

What we do

We provide professional counseling services to aid you in addressing personal, emotional, relational, and spiritual issues in your life.

Who we are

Each of our counselors are deeply committed to Christ and integrate their faith into the counseling process.

We believe that the healthiest people, and those most likely to be successful in life and ministry, are those who are willing to address issues in their lives and seek growth.

Our services

  • Free, individual, short-term counseling services to deal with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, eating disorders, grief, etc.
  • Referrals for more specialized services
  • Pre-engagement, pre-marital, and marital counseling
  • Groups to provide support and/or education for issues that students may want to address
  • Educational resources related to mental health and developing healthy relationships

Make an appointment

In case of a life-threatening emergency

On-campus residents:
Call 911 and then Campus Safety at 503-251-6499.

Off-campus students:
Dial 911.

In case of a mental health crisis

During regular business hours, contact the MU Student Counseling Center at 503-251-5311.

If there's an emergency after hours, call your local crisis line:



503-988-4888 or 1-800-716-9769

503-291-9111 or 503-291-9111

503-434-7465 or 1-800-560-5535

*If you live in the Residence Halls on campus please inform our Residence Life staff immediately if you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis.