What is Muse?

Muse is a student publication that is full of articles written by students. It explores what it means to be a Christian within the current context of our culture and addresses main issues that are effecting our students at the time they are published. This magazine provides an opportunity for students to express themselves through written word and photography. Giant portions of art and photos are also a main component of the magazine emphasizing the beauty, lifestyle and culture of Portland. If you desire to stay in touch with what Multnomah is doing and how students are living within Portland's culture, you want to read the Muse!

Transition from 'The Voice' to 'Muse'

When Multnomah had a journalism major, students worked collaboratively to create a student publication named "The Voice". But with Multnomah eliminating the journalism major from degrees offered, there was still a desire to create a student publication even without the major to go along with it. "Muse" was created to be headed up by Student Involvement Coordinators, and contributed to by all students.