Spotlight on Ministry

Community Response Teams

Community Response Teams (CRT) are a branch of Multnomah's Community Outreach (MCO) ministry. The aim of CRT is to serve the local community with physical and practical work. There are endless opportunities in Multnomah's surrounding neighborhoods to bless our community by loving our neighbors in very tangible ways.

The teams usually meet once or twice per week and travel to assigned homes to do yard work or indoor cleaning. The work varies depending upon the need; often times, the team will mow lawns and clean gardens, chop branches, rake leaves, paint siding, scrub walls or any number of other chores.

Local elderly or handicap people, as well as young busy families call MCO to express their need for help. The teams range from two to eight people and they work for three to five hours at a time. The team shares a heart for blessing the local community with service and delights in the opportunity to demonstrate their faith to their neighbors.

Contact MCO at or 503.251.6781.

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