A Gift to You

At Long Last, Needham’s Notes!

Beloved author and teacher Prof. David Needham has written a new book dedicated to you, his precious students.  As a special gift to Multnomah Alumni he is making this publication, How Does It Look From the Top of the Wall?: Through Isaiah's Eyes, available here, free for download.

Interactive PDF      EPub Format

Also available for purchase
   Kindle Format

About the Book

  • Based on Prof. Needham's notes from over forty years of teaching
  • Chapter by chapter guide to Isaiah
  • Tracing a trail through Isaiah illustrated map

A Word from the Author

“A word of encouragement to all who may be downloading this book; my hope is that the heart and passion that we found in Isaiah you will find again. That if you find yourself struggling with discouragement, loneliness, or loss of perspective, that this will refresh your heart with grace and love and the faithfulness of God.”

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