Close to His Majesty

A Gift for You

Distinguished Professor Emeritus David Needham is giving the latest version of his book "Close To His Majesty" to you — for free. The new edition contains four additional chapters and is available as a download through Multnomah University.

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About the Book

The king is calling you!  An impossible dream? No. The majestic Monarch of the universe calls you by name and invites you to come close. 

Wherever you are in life, wherever you’ve been, God has opened a door into his very presence. And he is calling your name! In nineteen worshipful meditations, beloved teacher David Needham helps you walk where you long to the company of the King. 

There is water for your deepest thirst. Healing for your deepest wounds. Hope for your darkest days. His Majesty encourages you: Come closer than you have ever come before!

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About the Author

 “A word of encouragement to Multnomah alumni and all who may be downloading this book; my hope is that you will discover in a fresh way the intimacy with God that is waiting for you.  God could not be closer to you than He is now.  He could not be more personal to you than He is now.  Remember Jesus' words to Thomas, "Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed."  Not feeling, not seeing; but simply trusting, simply believing—your active positive response to what you know is true!  That what humble faith is.”

-David C. Needham



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